Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Marshall, TX

We honor God by working to meet the physical, spiritual, and communal needs of as many people as we can.

A Tasting of the Casseroles Lunch

 This Sunday, April 2, Noon

We are excited with the response we have had so far.   With a world of meals shipped in boxes straight to one’s home, soon we will have already-cooked meals ready-to-go from pre-orders.   We have talked about the casseroles for some time to help busy families, to assist with holidays, family gatherings and big occasions, and help provide extra income for our church.  Sunday, we will have the opportunity to sample multiple casseroles.  It should be good and we hope a way to get people to understand what they could be ordering in the near future.  And all donations for the lunch will go to help provide camp scholarshipsfor our church campers.  Camper subsidies was a budget casualty for 2017, but our church has always encouraged camping, so we wanted to find a way.  We feel like this could be two great opportunities in one great time of fellowship.   Your generous donations will help us help our campers and families, and help whet your appetites for what is possible on a regular basis soon for great meals-to-go. Of course, friends and neighbors are invited for lunch too.