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How Parents Can Bless Children

Ron Rose in the book, 7 Things Kids Never Forget,  gives a bit of advice for parents,

“One tradition I would encourage every mother and father to include in their daily routine is that of blessing their children. As parents we have daily opportunities to bless or blame our children. Each day we do things or say things that help them feel loved and appreciated, or unloved and unappreciated. A parent’s blessing can be informal and unplanned, but deliberate and consistent blessings can have tremendous impact.

Some parents repeat the same blessing each night, usually at bedtime. Some quote a passage of Scripture like Numbers 6:24-26. Others, taking their lead from Jesus, pick up their children and bless them with their own words. To be most effective, the belssing needs to be repeated often, daily if possible.

Gary Smalley and John Trent describe the parental blessing as a process with five elements.

Touch, hold, and or hug your child as you speak.

2. Speak words of encouragement and appreciation: I love the way you …

3. Use word pictures that place high value on the person being blessed: You are like …

4. Share a special vision of the child’s future: I can see great things like ____ in your future.

Commit the child to the Lord: May God give you …..

Blending these five elements, a parent or loved one can develop his or her own style of blessing, both for formal and informal blessings.

In The Family Blessing, Rolf Garborg shares the comments of his children who grew up being blessed. His daughter Lisa said, Dad, I will never forget the night you blessed me 32 times before you left on a trip for that many days. I know that was going overboard on my part and probably not necessary, but at the time it put me at ease… One other things that really stands out is the time you made a tape recording before you left on an overseas trip so we could play it every night you were gone. It was so sweet and contained words of affirmation and encouragement, a prayer for God’s protection, and then a blessing for Mom, Carlton and me. All of these special times will stick with me forever.

Another youngster named Kristi reporte, When I was little, my parents blessed me every night…. The blessing was sort of like a hug to my head. If I had friends over, my parents would bless them, too. I also, made them bless my dog….Sometimes after I had been blessed and tucked in, I would bless my dog as if he were my own child.”

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