Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Marshall, TX

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Congregational Meeting


Congregational Meeting , Sunday, November 12, 2017, 10:45 am

Cumberland Presbyterians have a Congregational Meeting to elect Deacons and Elders.   A Nominating Committee prayerfully selects and recruits persons willing to serve.   Normally, the election is unanimous.   However, there can be nominations from the floor.   If there are nominations from the floor, we will adjourn the meeting for one week so that ballots might be prepared.  This year, our Nominating Committee presents the following slate of nominees for the Class of 2020:

Elders                                                                     Deacons

Ted Beauchamp                                                      JoLynn Cucinotta

Nancy Fessler                                                         Kathleen Herman

Shirley Winn                                                            Isabel Martinez


A special thanks to this year's Nominating Committee

Le Ila Dixon (chair)

Charles Abma

Martha Ford

Joe y Hudson

Joe Martino

Last year we approved the following:

The following requires a Congregational Meeting (2.53, 2.54, 2.55):

*At the November 1, 2016, session meeting the session approved the following recommendation:

“That we reduce our numbers on the session by one Elder and on the Diaconate by one Deacon, for each of the next three years beginning in 2017 (for the Class of 2019) which will eventually result in a total of nine elders on the session and nine deacons on the diaconate (instead of the current 12). This will be accomplished by nominating three persons per class for each of the next three years.”

The session hopes that by reducing the number on the Diaconate and Session that we will be more flexible and nimble in our decision-making in a fast-changing world and that we will free more of our leaders to lead in other places in the church. Much of the work of the session and diaconate does not require twelve people. (If this motion is defeated, we will have another Congregational Meeting with a new slate of nominees.)

*And to Elect Deacons and Elders for the Class of 2019:

Deacons                                                            Elders

Lisa Coleman                                                Jay Lawrence

Harriette Malcolm                                          Rick Phillips

Rhonda Thomas                                           Owen Smith

*And to very briefly present the 2017 proposed budget.