Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Marshall, TX

               We honor God by working to meet the physical, spiritual, and communal needs of as many people as we can.

Deacons for the Class of 2019


Lisa Coleman—joined our church in 2014. She was raised a Baptist and later joined First Presbyterian here in town. She served there as an elder, Sunday School teacher and assisted with leading the youth. She works as an administrative assistant with DHS.


Harriette Malcolm—joined our church in 2014. She was born into the Baptist church and later joined First Presbyterian here in town with her husband Tom. She has served as an elder, the stated clerk, sung in the choir, and participated in a circle. She is retired from working in local banks in Human Resources and Administrative Assistant work.

Rhonda Thomas—joined our church in 1996. She grew up in the Presbyterian church in Shreveport. In addition to previously serving as a deacon in our church, she has taught Sunday School and VBS. She has been a member of La Amistad Nueva circle serving in all the offices there.  She works for Physical therapy of Good Shepherd Medical Center at the life Center.


Class of 2018 on the day of Ordination and Installation