Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Marshall, TX

               We honor God by working to meet the physical, spiritual, and communal needs of as many people as we can.

Narthex Furniture Donors

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Consider being a donor of one of these items. You may donate in honor or in memory of someone if you choose to do so. A plaque will recognize our benefactor (making possible much of the renovations), Mr. George Stahl, our donors of the furnishings listed here, and our contributors to the project in general. We would love to have your support.

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Dear Members and Friends of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church,

When we began our three new initiatives we told you that we will be keeping you updated. So, we want to let you know where we stand at this time. We hope that this will help you get excited about what is being done and still being planned. At this time, let us update you on the soon-to-be implemented, narthex and parlor renovations.

We are beginning to implement our new narthex and parlor renovations. Because of the excellence of this building begun thirty years ago, the renovations have not been needed until now. The overall approach is to redecorate with modern, warm, and inviting colors, flooring, and furniture. We will have new lighting, paint, carpeting, and furniture. (For the designer’s drawings, see the website and click on the link, “Warm and Inviting.”) The furnishings to the parlor (soon to be called the “Flex Room”) will be paid for by last year’s sale of many of the church’s antiques. Last fall, we received a generous bequest from the George Stahl estate that will help with the overall renovation costs. So, the good news is that a lot of the money has already been given.

We need you to join us in purchasing the furniture for the narthex. You can join us by giving a personal gift, a gift in honor or in memory of someone, or promise a pledge to be paid as soon as you can. Enclosed is a list of items, and the amounts we need, that you might consider purchasing specifically. We will keep a webpage (like a gift registry) in order to keep up with what has already been bought and what is yet to be purchased. A plaque will be displayed in the narthex with those who have contributed in any amount. Those who give particular furniture item amounts will be noted as “Donors” on that plaque.

Your gifts now will help us make our entry areas even more inviting and attractive. The furniture is commercial-grade and uses beautiful, modern fabrics suggested by a professional designer and fine-tuned by a sub-committee of the session. With the new LED lighting we will have a warm, well-lit space whether on a sunny or dreary day, whether in the daytime or evening. We will have our beautiful stained glass windows highlighted both inside and outside, even more than before. The new carpet and tile combination in the narthex should brighten things up too. While we are changing the flooring, we will give the stucco portion of the walls a fresh coat of paint. There will be a coffee/refreshment bar in one corner of the narthex to aid hospitality before and after events. The television monitors will be modern and be able to show announcements, pictures, live video, Powerpoints, and more. And the former parlor will have new flooring, paint, and furniture as well. We will still be able to have Sunday School, showers, receptions, after service refreshments, and it will double as a small theater and internet café. It will truly be very flexible.

We will send you updates on our other projects soon, but the furniture has been ordered and we are ready to get started. Watch for new information on our Children’s L.I.F.E., playground, small groups, contemporary worship service, new flooring in the gym, and more. Your enthusiasm, prayers, and support will be needed.

This is a good church striving to serve God and the people around us. We have important work to do in God’s kingdom. Please, help us continue to serve in creative and debt-free ways. May God bless us as we serve him together!


Yours in Christ,


Pastor Rusty Rustenhaven

And the Session of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Marshall


Progress Chart

Items in Red have already been completed.

A— High-backed Lounge Chairs ($800 each)

1. Marvin & Sandra Harris                2.  Billy and Sherry Burke

3. Billy and Sherry Burke                    4.  ___________________________________

B.— Benches ($650 each)

1. ____________________________ 2. ____________________________________

C.— Side tables between high-backed chairs ($230 each)  Completed

1. Tom and Harriette Malcolm      2.Charles Abmaa

D.— Console Tables ($315 each)   Completed

1. Pat, John, and Liz Odom                               2. Elsie and Todd Pugh and Penny Goggans

E.— Side chairs (for tables) ($330 each)

1. Peggy & Bob Spencer                              2. Gail Lawrence

3. Clay & Jeanne Estes                                4. Ted & Jean Beauchamp

5. Grace Godwin                                            6. Grace Godwin

7. _________________________________ 8. ___________________________________

F.— Paper Organizers (for information credenza) ($100 each)

1. _________________________________ 2. ___________________________________

3. __________________________________

G.—Buffet Credenzas ($1015 each)

1. __________________________________ 2. ___________________________________

H.— Round Meeting Tables ($565 each) (Completed)

1. Lynn Skinner                                                             2. Bunnie Mae Pugh Circle

J.— Round Ottomans ($230 each)

1.  Paul, Christy Godwin                                               2. Charles & LeIla Dixon

3.  Jenann Leslie                                                           4. _____________________________________

K.— Round Center Table ($450)

1. Zula Boone Circle will purchase this.

General Donors:

Prentice and Sue Ware

Billy and Sherry Burke

John and Maryilyn Jadrosich

Billy and Sherry Burke

Lauren Best

Patricia Wright 

Kim Bass

Martha Spencer

Inez Heath

Joe and Penny Martino