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Presbyterian Chaplains


Thank You! We thank the Lord for your interest in Presbyterians Caring for Chaplains and 

Military Personnel (PCCMP). Our chaplains are truly the unsung heroes supporting our young men and women who serve our country. They are there to provide comfort, guidance, and hope to those in need.

What Chaplains Do    

Military chaplains perform a specialized ministry within the world’s largest youth congregation. Their flock includes heroic young men and women between the ages of 18 and 23 who are on their own for the first time in their lives. They take responsibility for military equipment worth thousands if not millions of dollars. They stand guard, patrol streets, and deliver food and supplies to frightened people living in the midst of violence, putting themselves at risk as they defend freedom. They are asked to make monumental decisions daily. These are not your typical college kids, although most of them are also taking a college class while serving far from home and living in tents in foreign lands. Military chaplains are there to help them understand Christ is with them in their journey.

What PCCMP Does 

PCCMP has the important role of screening, selecting, and endorsing all Presbyterian Chaplains to ensure that military personnel and veterans get the very best spiritual care from the pastors who serve alongside them. As a friend of PCCMP, you partner with us as we offer Presbyterian Chaplains and their families the church’s gratitude, prayer support, continued mission interpretation, connectivity with their spiritual base, family retreats, visits on duty, and a constant sounding board with skilled advocacy. Our office is the bridge between the church and chaplains who minister to U.S. armed forces and hospitalized veterans.


Your help is critical and appreciated. Nine Ways to Help

1) Pray! Pray for our chaplains and their work. Pray for their families who also sacrifice. As simple as it is, prayer is still the greatest gift you can give us in this work.

2) Adopt a chaplain...become their prayer partners. Send them care packages when they are

deployed; adopt their family during deployments. Cards and letters of encouragement really

make them feel good on bad days. Donate to PCCMP in honor of God’s servant.

3) Talk to young people who are contemplating service in the military. Let them know we have

chaplains there to support them...and some of them are even Presbyterians.     

4) Friend PCCMP on Facebook and ask your church to add a link to our website at

5) Sign up for a copy of “Frontlines” our newsletter highlighting our chaplains and what they are

doing around the world. It comes free; via e-mail or post.

6) Consider making a financial gift to the PCCMP annual budget. We receive half of our funding from our four denominations. We need support from churches and individuals to continue caring for our chaplains and their families.

7) Encourage your church and presbytery to support this important mission. Ideally we would like all Presbyterian churches to dedicate a special offering annually as a tribute to chaplains who serve…knowing some gave all.

8) Let us know your story. We have discovered many came to be Christians and Presbyterians while serving in the military...because of a chaplain they met and were mentored by. We would like to hear that story and share it.

9) If you know of a person who might be interested in ministry as a chaplain, give them our contact information and have them talk with us. Rev. Dr. Edward Brogan or Rev. Dr. Donald Wilson

4125 Nebraska Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20016-2790

Phone 202-244-4177