Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Marshall, TX

               We honor God by working to meet the physical, spiritual, and communal needs of as many people as we can.

Small Groups

Small Groups are Starting Something New

Baking Bread and Spiritual Disciplines

Our two Spiritual Small Groups met again on April 20 to share their experiences with prayer and spiritual disciplines during Lent.  The stories were tender and powerful.  God is clearly moving in the lives of these participants!  

A new study is beginning on May 4.  We'll be studying Out of the House of Bread: Satisfying Your Hunger for God with the Spiritual Disciplines by Preston Yancey.  "Pairing each chapter on the process of baking very good bread with a spiritual discipline that complements it, this extraordinary book will help you feel and experience God's nearness as you discover new avenues of prayer along the way." (from the book jacket) 

The groups will meet again at 3:00 and at 6:00 on Thursdays.  This particular study will last about 9 weeks.

If you would like to be included in this new study, please contact Pastor Mary Kathryn SOON to order a book.