Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Marshall, TX

               We honor God by working to meet the physical, spiritual, and communal needs of as many people as we can.

​What do you appreciate most about this church?

The card question the past few Sundays had the following answers from our congregation.

The contemporary service is a blessing.  There is a vibrancy that has been missing from our church for many years.

The people

The wonderful people

Everyone is a family

All the tenors J


The Pastors


Its love for all

We feel at home!

The people

The messages brought to us by our Pastors.  The friendly and caring members of our congregation.

Lots of things, but caring about people, especially children.

Loving generosity

It is the church I grew up in – the newer version of the original.

The caring


That we are the only church in town which has had a strong traditional service


This is a good church and there is a lot to appreciate about how it is trying to serve God.   Whatever we appreciate about the church, we need to know that this Sunday is Commitment Sunday and it would help us plan better if we could have your Estimate Card brought this Sunday.   ​If you cannot, you can send it online or mail it or bring it by the office.  Sandi Darden is the only person who sees all these Estimate Cards for privacy purposes.