Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Marshall, TX

We honor God by working to meet the physical, spiritual, and communal needs of as many people as we can.

About Us - Who or what are Cumberland Presbyterians?

Born in response to the spiritual needs of the American frontier, the Cumberland Presbyterian Church grew out of the Great Revival of 1800.  Differing opinions about how to judge the qualifications of ministers and the doctrine of predestination led three ministers from Kentucky Synod of the Presbyterian Church to organize a separate Cumberland Presbytery on February 4, 1810, in Dickson County, Tennessee.  These three men—Finis Ewing, Samuel Mc Adow, and Samuel King—were soon joined by other, like-minded men who preached and organized churches over a wider and wider area.  By April 1813, when reconciliation with the parent body of Presbyterians seemed impossible, the ministers who gathered for a meeting of the rapidly-growing Cumberland Presbytery created two additional presbyteries from its membership and formed Cumberland Synod.  In 1829, due to increasing growth, additional synods were organized and a General Assembly was established. 

Since 1810, the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination has been inviting all who will, to respond to God’s gracious offer of salvation and a restored relationship.  This group of Free-Will Presbyterians began a church as an outgrowth of the Revival of 1800 in the Cumberland Country of Tennessee and Kentucky.  Using Presbyterian church government and a medium theology between Calvinism and Arminianism, Cumberland Presbyterians have carved out a distinctive niche in the United States and throughout the world.  Cumberlands have a proud heritage, yet an ecumenical spirit willing to serve with other churches and denominations to glorify God. 

Approximately 100,000 Cumberland Presbyterians have churches in Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, and California, as well as Japan, Hong Kong, Liberia and Columbia, South America.  The Denominational Headquarters are in Cordova (Memphis area), Tennessee.

Classes teaching Cumberland Presbyterian basics are conducted from time to time throughout the year.  For more information or a free copy of the Confession of Faith (the doctrinal and governmental statements of Cumberlands) call 903-935-3787 or e-mail us at