Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Marshall, TX

We honor God by working to meet the physical, spiritual, and communal needs of as many people as we can.


Contemporary Worship 

Morning Worship

Celtic/Taize Evening Worship Service


Children's Sermon



Communion    We practice open communion, which means that the Communion Table is the Lord's table, and all of those who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are invited to partake.    Parents are asked to instruct children (who are not already a member of the church) in the meaning of this sacrament before the child partakes.   Some parents choose not to allow their children to partake until they become a member of the church personally.

Communion Servers - Elders and Deacons serve the elements to the congregation.    

Advent Schedule 

Ash Wednesday 


Maundy Thursday 

Holy Week

Donating Flowers for the Sanctuary Alter or Chancel areas

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Worship Committee