Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Marshall

We honor God by working to meet the physical, spiritual, and communal needs of as many we can.

Using Without
Setting Up an Account

For those people who do not want to use the app or create an account, allows another option.  

Using your mobile device or computer, open the church’s website ( and click on in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Our online giving information screen will open.  Click on the “Click here to give” link to open the giving form.  Fill out the brief form indicating the amount of the gift, where the gift should go (Pledges-Tithes-Offering, Memorial, or Other), credit card information, and mailing address.  It will require an email address so can send a confirmation.  The church requires the mailing address so we can send end-of-year giving statements when necessary.  Click the “Give” button at the bottom of the form when done.

The method described above is designed for one-time or occasional giving but can be used as often as desired.  It will just require all the information to be entered in the form each time because the user has no account set up where that information is stored.